Öğrenci yorumlarına aşağıda ulaşabilir ve sizde deneyimlerinizi paylaşarak Yoga’ya başlamak isteyenlere ışık tutabilirsiniz…


“Burcu’yla yazlık sitemizde, açık havada, nefis bir manzara ve doğanın sesleriyle çok kıymetli dersler yaptık bu yaz. Derslerde sık sık kısa dinlenme molaları veriyoruz, bir kaç nefeslik şavasanalar, ölü duruşları yani. Bu duruşların asıl nedeni -bence- durup ana geri gelmek, yeniden nefesimize konsantre olmak. O anları öyle çok seviyorum ki, bazen bütün yaşamın anlamı o anlardaymış gibi geliyor. Sanki orada kalabilirsem tüm varoluşsal sorulara yanıt bulabilirmişim gibi. Bazen öyle oluyor ki, ders bittiğinde yaşamın anlamını kavramış birinin iç huzurunda buluyorum kendimi. Öyle hafif, öyle rahat, gevşemiş… Yirmi yılı aşkın süredir bir çok hocayla farklı içerikte yoga dersi yaptım. Her biri kıymetli hocalardı -hepsinin varlığına şükran- fakat Burcu’yla yaptıklarımız kadar bitiminde tam olarak rahatlamış, gevşemiş hissettiğim kaç ders oldu bilmiyorum. Ama bildiğim bir şey var, daha önce bir yoga dersinin sonunda hiç “şu an ölsem gam yemem,” demedim. Seni de, varlığını da, birlikte yaptığımız derslerimizi de çok seviyorum Burcu, sayende içim yoga aşkıyla dolu. Her sabah uyanır uyanmaz okulun ilk gün heyecanını yaşayan bir çocuk gibi matımı serip yoga yapıyorsam bunda rolün çok büyük, bilesin. Şükürler olsun.” ~ Tijen İnaltong

“Burcu is absolutely amazing. She was collaborative in her approach to designing a training program, and so super attentive in the yoga session. I can’t recommend her more highly!” ~ Ellen Trappey

“My session with Burcu was everything I imagined plus more. Her voice is so very calming and gentle. I felt comfortable the whole way through and also felt she catered to my needs- adjusting as needed throughout the session. Will definitely be booking more sessions with her :)” ~ Michelle  Danos

“Excellent Instructor! Enjoyed having our own private yoga class. Burcu changes and advances moves as you are able to do them. She was great!” ~ Greg Gale

Just had a session with Burcu. WOW! Truly relaxing and energizing at the same time. She was very nice with such a calming voice and tone. Our company group will grow for the next session for sure. Thank You for making the start of our week a great one! With peace and OMmmmmm…”  ~ Lisa Henderson

“Burcu knows yoga and how to share it with others. She has a wonderful combination of gentleness and authority. She has a very nice way of encouraging her students to be their best. I felt fantastic after the session, can’t wait for another fix!!” ~ Joe Davaney

“This is the first time that I have done Yoga but I am very thankful that I started. It is exactly what I was looking for to stretch, practice deep breathing, increase my concentration and just to relax. I always look forward to practicing with Burcu and I can’t believe how quickly an 1 1/2 hour class goes by. I really look forward to progressing with this system step by step.” ~ Paul Gikas

“By practicing regularly yoga  I have found a sense of peace and balance in my life. The subtle techniques are well calculated so that even the beginner may practice with ease. With persistent practice Im noticing a feeling of balance and confidence and an improvement in my overall health. It is something I’ve not felt with any other yoga types. I am truly grateful to Yoga as it has brought into my life a sense of direction and salvation for which I was yearning. The more I practice, the more dedicated I feel to healing and developing myself spiritually and physically. ” ~ Amanda Smith

” I’ve been taking private sessions with Burcu for one year and it’s one of the best thing I’m doing in my life. Sitting behind a desk all day in the office and stresful time in my life which effected my migraine in a bad way so my goal has been to feel more connected with my body. The experience of Yoga practice has been a completely positive one for me and I recommend it to everyone at any stage in life because the practice you develop will be geared toward your needs, your goals and your abilities”. ~ Didem Dobulga

” I have been working with Burcu for about a month and it has been such a pleasure. I am new to yoga and she created a program designed to transition me into the practice as well as listened to my personal goals and medical issues and took those into account. Her joy and love of yoga is contagious. We spend at least an hour practicing together and I find that afterward, I am relaxed and recharged. She even gives me homework to do on the days I don’t see her. I would highly recommend her as a Yoga Instructor.” ~ Lyris Autran

” I have been training yoga with Burcu since 6 years. I always feel comfortable and feel free to try all movements without any doubt or fear as i noticed at the beginning that she is taking care of her each student by every steps… She is always awake and keep watching the students… Therefore she is helping you to be in the correct position during her speech very naturally without splitting the lesson… This is maybe my personal thinking, her voice is just like how to say transparent , so you can easily also get concentrated . Beside giving instructions, she is also explaining you the aim of the movements which is making you to have the knowledge and feel what you are doing, and get the heal successfully. I could slow down my anxiety and restlessness by joining her lessons.” ~ Muge Inal

” I took the pre-natal yoga class led by Burcu Gokcek towards the very end of my pregnancy and found it to be one of the only times when I could truly relax and feel comfortable. The breathing techniques that she showed us, along with the various postures that we did in class, helped me to focus just on the moment and feeling good and comfortable with my ever-changing body. I can honestly say that I never felt better during my late pregnancy than I did right after class. I looked forward to going every week because I knew how much I would enjoy class and benefit from it as well! In my opinion, these techniques are a MUST for any expectant woman who wants to truly enjoy her pregnancy and do something good for herself and for her baby”. ~ Jennifer Shukaitis